Free initial consultation  • Up front planning fee

I am not tied to specific partners and I do not work for commission. I work for you, my guest.

I work with couples, families and small groups to create the perfect itinerary to meet your travel goals.

My goal is to create a comprehensive itinerary and assist you with on-the-ground planning throughout Italy including: suggesting and booking accommodations based on your style and budget; booking all inter-city transportation whether it be by private driver, train or rental car; and booking activities and tours while you are in Italy.

I provide you local insight on how to create the perfect itinerary that is a blend of private tours and self exploration – always saving you the time and stress of standing in lines or not knowing where to go.

I know Italy and know how to help save you money and stress, never compromising your comfort and enjoyment. 

  • Fees range from $500 - $3000 depending on your travel needs and group size
  • Free consultation for all groups
  • Deposit required to get started, balance due upon receipts of final itinerary


Private tours
Cooking classes
Food tours
Bike, hike, swim
Skip the lines

Vatican tours
Michelangelo's David
Pompeii & Vesuvius
Venice canals
Lake Como villas