What does Slice of Tuscany (Sally) do?

I help you plan the perfect Italian vacation according to your interests and budget. I plan everything except your travel to and from Italy.

We start with accommodations and inter-city travel options – I give you several curated options, point out pros and cons of each, explain the difference in prices, and then book for you. We then continue and do the same with tours, activities, wine tastings and anything else you would like to do in Italy.

Your job is to show up in Italy, itinerary in hand, and enjoy a stress-free and memorable vacation.

Does Sally travel with you?

Nope. I plan the trip so that you travel on your own, but have privately guided tours, private drivers, and have a detailed daily itinerary you can follow – both with scheduled activities and recommendations on how to best utilize your “free time”. I will and do travel with small groups or upon special request depending on timing and details. In that case, if I am unavailable, I can arrange for a local guide to accompany you for all or some of your time in Italy. 

 What are the costs/fees?

I charge a flat rate for planning your trip. That rate depends on your needs and group size. My rate covers only my time. All accommodations, tours, activities, tickets, etc will be paid for directly by you either in EUR cash in person or prepaid directly to your CC.

Who keeps the budget?

I do. I keep a detailed budget outlining all trip costs and specifying what is prepaid and what you owe in person.

How do my fees work?

I request a non-refundable deposit to start working on your trip then the balance payment when I provide you with your trip documents, generally 2-3 weeks prior to your travel.



Private tours
Cooking classes         Wine tours and tastings Olive oil tasting     Balsamic tasting
Food tours
Bike and hike
Skip the lines                 Hot air balloon rides Ferrari rentals             Vespa rentals           Private Vatican tours
Michelangelo's David Hidden Rome          Hidden Florence
Pompeii & Vesuvius
Venice canals             Capri by private boat   Private shopping trips  Villa and rentals   Apartment rentals           Art class with the artist   Fishing expeditions