Custom Itineraries

Starting from the top, we will come up with a proposed itinerary and budget by talking through your:

  • Wishlist - Where do you want to visit most in Italy, and what are the sites and activities at the top of your wishlist? We will make sure you have amazing experiences as you enjoy the things you’ve been dreaming of for years.

  • Timeframe - How many days will you have in Italy? We’ll create an itinerary that maximizes your time so that you spend less time on trains or waiting in lines, and more time doing things that will be wonderful memories for years to come.

  • Budget - We will maximize your budget to ensure amazing accommodations, great tours and activities with our local partners, and enjoy safe and reliable transportation during your travels. We’ll do this all at the budget you set. Need help thinking about a budget?

Slice of Tuscany will provide a free one-hour consultation along with suggested itinerary and budget. Contact us to schedule your call.


Email us to schedule your free initial consultation.