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Before being referred to Sally, my husband and I had planned on going to Italy for our honeymoon. Having never been to Europe, our biggest challenge was putting together a trip that we would remember forever with limited knowledge of the country that we fell in love with shamelessly on Instagram. That’s where Sally came in.

Sally tailored every detail based on what was important to us and the things we were looking to do. She arranged transportation to and from each destination, hotel and dinner reservations, chairs and lunch on a private beach in Positano, a private tour of Pompeii, and an Italian cooking class. She recommended restaurants and activities (including kayaking and a day trip to Capri and Anacapri) that we would have never discovered without her personal knowledge and expertise.

Given our love for food and wine, we made sure to try every restaurant on her list, all of which were outstanding. She also checked in on us throughout the trip to see if we needed anything and quickly responded to any questions we had. Sally truly made our honeymoon stress-free and one we will never forget.

We can’t wait to return to Italy and see what else Sally has in store.
— Morgan & Mike, Dallas, TX

If Sally isn’t planning your trip, you’re doing it wrong! The things Sally planned for our time in Italy were the absolute highlights of our trip. They made the experience what it was. From our first conversation, Sally knew exactly the type of trip and the things we were looking to do. She arranged a custom wine tour, Tuscan cooking class and private boat trip to Capri. We would never have found these gems with a simple Google search, and she was able to do everything so reasonably compared to other (and impersonal) travel agents. She also had the most helpful advice on logistics, hotel choices, transportation, etc. It made planning our trip a breeze; all we had to do was show up! She took care of every detail and checked in with us during our trip to see if we needed anything. You can’t find a better resource in Italy. After having used Sally to plan our trip, I know it was the best choice! We can’t wait to go back.
— Kelly & John Miglicco, Dallas, TX

I cannot say enough about the wonderful job Sally did in planning our family’s short visit to Italy this summer. My wife and I, along with our teenage daughter and son, were only able to spend a day and a half in Rome between landing from the U.S. and boarding the ship for a Mediterranean cruise. We were initially concerned that we wouldn’t have time to experience the major sites in Rome but were immediately put at ease as we began working with Sally. She was instrumental in planning nearly every hour of our available time—from the time her driver met our inbound flight to when she set up a van to bring us from central Rome to the cruise port at Civitavecchia. (She also set up a driver to bring us from the cruise port back to Rome’s airport and saved us hundreds of Euro over what the cruise line was charging.)

Sally and her guide planned a fast-paced, but very educational, agenda that took us through the Vatican and a walking tour of Rome on the afternoon of our arrival. Our tour seemed to “magically” wrap up at an awesome restaurant in a quiet square that proved to be the perfect end to our first day. Dinner was everything we’d hoped for in terms of Italian hospitality, as the owner took our menus away and took it upon herself to tell us what we’d be eating and what wines we wanted. Everything was wonderful.

On day 2, Sally’s guide met us at our hotel and took us via train to see the ancient ruins of Ostia Antica, a port city of the Roman Empire dating to centuries B.C. We then returned to Rome in time for lunch followed by a private tour of the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. I cannot begin to describe how knowledgable and engaging we found our guide to be. In addition to working as a professional guide, she is a professor of archaeology and, as a teacher, was great at engaging with our teenagers and keeping them focused on appreciating all that we were seeing.

Our time in Rome wrapped up on our second evening at what Sally described as her favorite restaurant in Rome. After dining there, my family deemed it our favorite restaurant anywhere we’ve ever been. Again, our waiter took over and led us through the perfect multi-course Italian meal, complemented by local wines and homemade limoncello.

We hope to return and spend more time throughout Italy in the coming years. When we do, we will unquestionably work with Sally to plan another fantastic visit!
— Tracy and Sara Shelby, Kansas City, Missouri USA

Sally, I’d like to thank you again for all of your assistance with such a great trip. You and your team made it the trip of a lifetime for mom.
— Robert Pearson

Prologue: A group of twelve good middle-aged friends decided they wanted to take a trip to Italy together. Get-togethers ensued. Maps and guide books were glanced at, then pored over. A few of the potential travelers had been to Italy and were able to share some of their experiences. But, we all agreed, now what?

First Contact: Some in our group had heard that Sally (Kansas City young woman living in Florence), and her company, Slice of Tuscany, was someone we should contact. Well, after our first couple of communications with Sally, we all knew our trip was going to come to fruition. After finding out what our group generally had in mind, Sally was able to itinerize a trip that remarkably suited the group as a whole and was able to accomodate for various travelling for some of the travelers before and after Italy.

Planning: Sally made the planning extremely fun. She began by helping us procure the most incredibly gorgeous villa near the town of Montalcino. Then she guided us all through (again,, there are twelve of us) making airline arrangements. What followed were preparations to procure rental cars, private cars, the most incredibly nice/knowledgable private guides (Rome, Vatican, Florence, Sienna), and to top it off, a remarkably kind/fun/knowledgable delicious food-making chef for a few of our evenings at the villa. All of this was done through Sally’s explicit guidance. She suggested and we decided. I cannot give enough praise re: to all of the choices Sally helped us make. The flights and rental car arrangements were perfect. Our private drivers were perfect and always on time. Her private tour guides and chef were more than perfect.

The Trip: I know all of us (again, there are twelve) agree we had the trip of a lifetime. The villa, Rome, Florence, Sienna and Cinque Terra…….Sally maximized our experiences with all. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. Already mentioning her array of wonderful contacts, she, also, suggested phenomenal restaurants (not expensive, just perfect), her favorite unbelievable wineries that will blow you away, and other miscellaneous things to see/do depending on our desires. Sally even stocked our villa with an unreal assortment of local Tuscan food-goodies (wine included) as we were all arriving. She’s always available. If we had a question about this or that as we were travelling, Sally promptly was able to help us out.

Epilogue: We would all recommend Sally to anyone who is traveling to Italy. Small or larger groups. We really just experienced a “Slice” of the country. Sally knows the whole country like the back of her hand. She speaks Italian fluently. She even taught us all how to speak Italian and we are all fluent now…….(only thing I’m kidding about).

We’ll definitely go again!!!

Hi Sally. We want you to know that the trip you planned for us was amazing and one we will never forget! We loved all of the activities, the 3 parts of Italy that we visited, and our accommodations which were wonderful! We came home with not only bags full of great gifts but memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you for all you did for us: keeping track of our itinerary, making changes when necessary and of course the plans and guides you arranged for us! It was also a bonus for us to have dinner with you and Katie…what fun! Again, many thanks.

PS - Cooking class was a lot of fun - delicious! The wine-making was a big hit!! Denny LOVED it and so did I : )
— Marti & Denny Schuler
Just like planning other trips, we thought that we would make our own travel arrangements for our honeymoon in Italy this past summer. Since the internet is full of resources and we didn’t want to spend quite a bit of money on a travel agent, we thought it would be pretty easy to plan the honeymoon ourselves. Then, a mutual friend put us in touch with Sally and everything changed, for the better of course!

From our first interaction (a one-hour conference call just to understand what we were looking for) to our arrival in Italy to landing back in the States, we couldn’t have been more pleased with Sally’s guidance, care and expertise. In fact, we can’t even begin to understand how much different our trip would have been without Sally. Sally customized our trip based on what was important to us AND provided such a unique point of view in recommending museum tours, wine tastings and restaurants! We had a very private and personal wine tasting in Florence with one of her really good friends. Then, we had dinner at two different restaurants where Sally knew the owners. It was unbelievable how everyone treated us like family! Not only did Sally provide a detailed (and we mean detailed) itinerary, she was always texting our wine tasting and dinner hosts when we were with them to ensure our satisfaction. If we had a question during our trip, we would just email or call Sally and she would respond right away. Her service was second to none.

If you currently use a travel agent, Sally will trump them. If you typically don’t use a travel agent due to costs, then I strongly recommend Sally because you are just like us! Trust us that her value is worth it. If you’re looking for someone who can offer you a truly personalized experience, personal attention throughout the trip, and a unique perspective, Sally is your answer.
— Kelley & Nick Rupnow
We are so thankful for Sally! We had the trip of a lifetime this summer! Sally’s touch on every day of our trip was amazing! She is definitely doing what God created her to do for families and their experiences! She has such a gift to enhance trips and memories!

We began our trip in Venice,traveled to Florence,Rome and ended our vacation in Sicily. Everything was absolutely perfect! The accommodations were amazing! The guides that she scheduled for our family to be with made our experiences so enriched! We valued their knowledge and ability to engage each of us!

Every recommendation from accommodations, restaurants,day trips, personal drivers, train and flight transportation needed, Sicilian cooking class and car rental made our experience more than we could have ever imagined!

Words will truly never be enough to express our family’s great fullness for the wonderfully amazing job she does! Will definitely refer others and can not wait to have her help us in the future ❤️
— The Scire Family, KCMO

I want to thank you for arranging a fantastic trip for my mother and I. You were highly recommended to me from one of my friends who did something very similar to what I wanted, which was a trip of a lifetime for my mother. From the start, your attention to detail, amiable personality and understanding of my wishes for the trip helped shape what was a trip of a lifetime.
The moment we arrived in Italy it was smooth sailing and seamless. From the arranged transportation to our destinations, our wonderfully selected lodgings, to the personal guides who gave a unique and personal experience for us, everything was perfect.

The in-depth information you gave about the shops, food, entertainment, and sights was incredibly helpful. Not to mention your insider tips and information on the nuances of the culture made our exploration of the city so much better. There were many times throughout the trip that I felt that because of you, I’ve been there before, making the navigation through the labyrinth of streets and hustle a breeze.

The activities you planned gave us plenty to do and for the time spent during our trip. It was like a loaded dose of what NEEDED to be done when there. We did everything we wanted and MORE! The personal wine tasting was so incredibly fun. Drinking wine with Paolo was like drinking with an old friend.

Our tours with Valeria, Paolo and Paolo II were so unique and in depth. Their respective knowledge about the subject matter of our tours was mind blowing and beyond. I can go on and on.....but it leads me to understand I cannot share it all. The most important part, was the memories I will always share with my mother. This trip was everything and more of what I wanted for my mother.

Plus I have the “Son Of The Year” award 2017. In the speech Ill make for the yearly “Son and Daughter Of The Year” awards coming up, I will give you a shout out, because you certainly helped me get there.

I will certainly be in touch with you in the future, maybe next time when I take my wife :)
— Anthony, NYC

Sally, Tony and I cannot stop talking about how wonderful our trip with you was. From beginning to end one day was better than the next. We could not have made a better choice to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary than to spend those days with you in Italy and Sicily. Meeting your friends in Florence, shopping, great food, and what can anyone say about seeing everything there was to see in those 16 days! To walk in places we have only read about, or saw pictures of, was incredible. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime.
PS - seeing Mistretta, Sicily was really a highlight!
— Neva & Tony Mistretta

Dear Sally,
We wanted to thank you for all the planning you did for our trip. Everything was just perfect. We certainly couldn’t have done this without you. Our tour guides, Caterina, Valeria and Letizia were all fabulous. They were so knowledgeable. We saw and learned so much in a short period of time. The drivers were always on time and very professional. The restaurants had great food and fun staff. They were expecting us. The family members that went on the wine tour with Todd enjoyed it. Todd was very knowledgeable and friendly.
A perfect trip!
Thank you.
— Susan McFarlane

Hi Sally, anda helloa overa therea! Valeria’s tour of Rome was great. She said her educational background was anthropology but it was obvious she knew her art history very well. It was a much better way to see the Vatican, for sure. She sat us down first with an overview of what all we would see and then she let us pick what we wanted to do. She knew lots of little side stories and we felt so much more fortunate than those herds of tourists all following somebody with a flag on a stick. You made all of us feel so very special spending time together in Florence. That was our favorite stop on the entire trip. Meeting on the bridge, eating at il Porcellino, hanging out back in your neighborhood, traveling to San Gimignano and Siena, the wine tasting. It was all perfect.
— Corine, Cris, Steve & Colin

My mom and I started saving and planning a mother-daughter trip 2 years prior to our travels to Italy. Fortunately, we have an amazing connection to Sally. The second we decided on Italy, everyone in our family said ‘you must talk to Sally’. From the moment we made contact with Sally, our travel worries started to fade. We have always been ‘independent’ travelers, using websites, word of mouth, and travel books to guide us. This ends up being very informative, but at the cost of hours upon hours of planning, researching, and emailing. Sally took all that planning away without compromising any preparation, research, or information. She planned a customized visit for us to Rome, Florence, and the surrounding countryside. She helped us identify potential day trips for each stop, including the site where my grandfather (mom’s dad) landed in WWII. Her thorough research and thoughtful planning helped us have the trip of a lifetime, without the stress and time commitment of planning.

Anytime you visit another country, you always wonder ‘Is this as amazing as the guidebooks say? Am I missing some local favorites or local culture?’. This was definitely a worry of ours, but I can say (without a doubt) we missed NOTHING. For every location, Sally provided a list of pre-approved restaurants, carefully selected activities, phenomenal tours, food suggestions, must do’s, and the list goes on and on. I can not imagine what our trip would have looked like without Sally’s help...I would have always wondered ‘what did I miss?’.

Sally’s wonderful attention to detail, dedication to her clients, and fantastic preparation made this trip amazing. Regardless of if you are doing a pre-determined tour of Italy, a spur of the moment trip, or a year long process (like us), we highly recommend you touch base with Sally. She can make the time you have in Italy unforgettable! We only wish her travel planning wasn’t limited to Italy...we would use her for all our international trips.
— Sarah & Karen

I would definitely recommend Sally to anyone planning a trip to Italy. She is so knowledgeable and friendly and helped make ours the trip of a lifetime. We had told her what attractions/cities we wanted to see and she helped us customize our trip. While visiting the Vatican we went straight to the front of the line with our private tour guide that Sally had arranged for us. The guide was able to explain everything we were seeing and there is no way we would have enjoyed that tour as much on our own. She also booked us tickets to the Accademia to see “the David” and we didn’t have to wait in the long line. We took a cooking class in Florence that was awesome and Sally had recommended it also. She did book all of our train tickets for us. The suggestions for hotels came with choices on different price ranges and best locations. The itinerary she sent was so complete, with helpful information included that made our trip the best ever! I want to return for another trip to Italy in the future and will use Slice of Tuscany to plan it.
— Mary Cowan
Sally is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to transportation, tours and the local culture. Through her network of Florence locals, she is able to put together the ultimate Italian experience at a very reasonable price. If you want to cook with a true Italian chef, explore the Tuscan wineries or just want to find a little out of the way place for great food, Sally can make it all happen. I strongly encourage everyone traveling to Italy to use Sally and Slice of Tuscany as their guide, and you will have a holiday that will forever be remembered. Ciao!
— Kelly Hetherington
Sally, where do we begin?! The trip you arranged for us to Rome and the Amalfi Coast was absolutely the best twelve days of our lives... I’m still dreaming of our time there!

Though hard to put into words how blissfully happy it was, I told my sisters, “Imagine ‘perfect’ and then think even better!” We so appreciated your efforts (endless patience!) in going through all the lodging options: from private homes to hotels ...near the beach or high on the cliff, you helped us find the perfect solutions for our family of babies, parents and grandparents.

The fabulous tour guides you arranged made all the difference (we loved Susannah and Valeria!); they were so knowledgable and accommodating. I can’t imagine how we would have negotiated both the language and logistics without them, and everyone learned so much. And your drivers were not only patient with our schedule but were fun and friendly on our trips to Tivoli, Rome, Pompeii and Positano, even despite our (occasionally exhausted) babies. You had every detail covered, from babyseats for the cars to where to get ice cream or a private boat excursion to Capri.

I can’t identify what we loved most... memories of sitting with our family on the beautiful terrace of our hotel overlooking the Mediterranean, the places you recommended we eat in Rome or the lovely private beach restaurant that you suggested we boat to, or, oh wait! Having Pope Francis suddenly stop in St Peters Square to kiss BOTH of our grandsons!!! OK, that has to rank as most memorable, though I know you can’t guarantee that miracle every time :-)

There truly aren’t enough words to express our thanks, our admiration and affection for you, and how amazingly capable and knowledgeable you are in every aspect of arranging travels in Italy. Lucky, lucky us for John connecting us to the darling and so-talented Sally; we look forward to return travels and calling on you again for the next trip!
Most affectionately.
— The O'Connors, Kansas City MO

Sally, I want to let you know that we are so happy and grateful for the exceptional and memorable trip you planned and organized for us, and we will highly recommend your services to all of our friends and family going to Italy in the future.

We did our homework online, and looked at and spoke with other tour companies prior to contacting you. I want to let you know that we were a little intimidated by the upfront fee. However, from our first telephone conversation with you, we knew that you were who we wanted to work with to plan our trip to Italy. We appreciated that you were such a good listener, and quickly captured our expectations, likes and interests, and then put those into plans and activities that turned out to be fabulous. We found that our concerns about your fees were not accurate, and the other tour companies hid their fees and would have ended up costing us much more, and we know we would not have received as high a level of service or final results. We truly appreciated your open communication and how all of the transactions related to our trip worked out. Your communications with us were exceptional. We greatly appreciated your flexibility in taking calls in the evenings to discuss details of the trip, while offering timely and informative email communications with suggestions, information and confirmations. You made the planning for our trip such a fun and exciting experience!

We had an absolutely wonderful time visiting Venice, Florence, Sorrento and Rome. We felt that the itinerary you created for us gave us just the right amount of activity and downtime so that we could do everything we wanted to do in every city and still relax and enjoy our vacation. We have wonderful and memorable experiences from every location, and would not have changed a thing. Thank you as well for coordinating our special weekend in Venice with our mom, sister and daughter. They were so appreciative of your scheduling of our accommodations, tours and restaurants to include them for the weekend. It truly made our weekend together special.

Some of the things we were most appreciative of:
a) Your great accommodation recommendations; we were in great locations in each city we visited. Clean, Safe, Beautiful, Attentive, Walking distance to everything!!
b) the restaurant recommendations were exceptional. Some of the best meals we have ever had. We rarely deviated from your list of recommendations and were never disappointed.
c) The exceptional tours and activities you planned for us were some of the most memorable moments of our trip: Every tour guide, sommelier or chef was exceptional. All were so knowledgeable and so much fun!! We had wonderful experiences.
d) The care you take of every detail to ensure the entire trip is a great success. It gave us great comfort having all of the information we needed for every part of our trip at our fingertips at all times, and that we didn’t need to worry about a thing because we knew you had it covered.

Overall Sally, we could have never come close to having the experience we had in Italy without your wonderful help. Thank you so very much!!

Dave and Kerry Schulz

When my husband and I were planning a trip to Italy for our 30th wedding anniversary, we didn’t know where to begin. After a brief visit to a travel agency (leaving with more confusion than clarity), serendipity led us to Sally and Slice of Tuscany—and what wonderful luck that was for us. I have known Sally’s parents almost my entire life, and when I ran into them at a social function and learned that Sally’s business was planning trips to Italy, well...that’s all I needed to know. Sally is not only professional and accommodating, she is just plain fun. She offered us countless options and included personal touches every step of the way. She walked us through our different destinations and came up with an itinerary that was perfect for us: private tours, charming stops, wonderful restaurants. One of our favorite parts of the trip was joining Sally for a personal tour of Florence. We cannot give a glowing enough review and highly recommend Sally and Slice of Tuscany.
— Patrice & Lee Ludwig

Sally, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip - from beginning to end. I’m so happy we found you and got to spend time with you in Florence. We had a ball and just couldn’t imagine any piece of it being any better! It exceeded our expectations at every stage!
— Kristy & Frank Lewis

When my husband and I started planning our trip to Italy, we perused all of the popular travel websites, booked flights, hotels, and thought we were good to go. I reached out to Sally to “review” our trip and quickly realized that I needed her help. She was able to do a walk-by on the hotels we reserved and let me know that at least one of them was practically on the train tracks! Whoops! Once Sally took over the reigns, our trip became this incredible vacation of a lifetime. The personalized attention that she gave us was unbelievable – she booked our train tickets, set us up with a cell phone, gave us personal tours, taught us the Italian culture, and helped us to experience, first hand, the best that Italy has to offer. Not only was Sally awesome to work with, but she is so much fun and seems to know everyone, everywhere we went! My only regret is that we waited so long to connect with Sally during our trip planning…and that our trip was only 11 days! We cannot wait to go back and to see what else Sally has up her sleeve.
— Kylie & Eric Owens

When I visited Italy this summer, Florence was by far my favorite destination. With Sally’s planning and input, I truly felt as if I was able to get to know the city. From going on a food tour, to a private history class walking around the Duomo, to a day at the lake outside of Florence, it was truly an amazing and worthwhile trip. I would highly recommend Slice of Tuscany to anyone who is even thinking about stopping by Firenze! Thank you, Sally, for a trip of a lifetime.
— Laura Schuler

Hi Sally! We are back home again in cold old Australia, but I just wanted to thank you for the organization you did on our behalf. The Uffizi and the Accademia were sensational and easily accessed thanks to you. I have a sister in law coming to Italy in September/October and I will definitely tell her to get in touch with Slice of Tuscany. Once again, thank you. We had a wonderful few days in Firenze and a lot of it was down to your help. Best wishes.
— Pat Cameron